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Fast fashion has polluted the industry and created an unsustainable, throw away culture in its wake. Change is long overdue and it starts here, with digital innovation. 


Cut, copy and paste replace stitch, sample and waste. 


Effectively implementing 3D prototyping in to the development process has provided an impactful solution to minimizing sampling and textile waste and decreasing lead times. 


At Inhouse Creative Agency we are a collective of digital design experts that provides the fashion industry with a seamless, 360° approach to a range of 3D services that breaks the mould of traditional channel led creative to client-led solutions

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We recognize that agility and flexibility are the key elements of success to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving creative industry.  The ability to dip in and out of services is fundamental to businesses focussing resources in the most efficient ways.

Being a remotely operated business doesn't make us a disconnected team - we see our agility as one of our strengths and also a necessity. We provide access to a gold mine of experience and knowledge from our Inhouse design team and global freelance professionals.

Having a worldview is important to the services that we offer, and we have the structure and technology in place to consistently provide a seamless experience.


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