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At Inhouse we are proactively making an impact for change within the fashion Industry by not only being the change we want  to see, but by providing the design and development solutions that address the social issues that are important to us.

We are committed to continously building upon the diverse collective of creative industry experts that we work with to ensure that we consistently offer a platform to amplify the creative knowledge, expertise and persepctives of black and ethinic minority creatives. 

Sustainable practices for us goes further than our usage of fabrics. As a business we specialise in introducing and guiding fashion businesses, brands and retailers through the implementation of 3D digital processes as a means of streamling product life cycle processes, reducing sampling costs and ultimately reducing textile waste pollution, C02 emissions, water waste, and dyeing pollutants.


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Inhouse was born out of the love for the individuality, originality and creativity that Fashion design can encompass, and the need to be part of the shift towards are more inclusive, diverse, sustainable, future focussed Industry.

I consider myself lucky to have worked in the commercial fashion industry for over 15 years and combined my love of travel and culture with the passion that I have for design.

Living in the Far East and Europe and being exposed to varying enviornments and methods of working has well informed my creative perspective and the importance of working in collaboration to achieve the best outcomes. 


Inhouse made the process of creating a full range of uniforms

easy and effortless. With the companies expertise the final result was a beautiful high-end, bespoke collection, during which they handled every aspect from the fabric selection to pattern design, and made the whole experience enjoyable

Camilla Bishti
Interior Design
The Cream Group

In House Creative is highly proactive and completely identified with the brief and our company requirements at all times. They displayed an impressive level of dedication and motivation with accurate research. I was so impressed and inspired I introduced “In House Creative to our Triumph Asia and Japan Head of Creative Designs to support them with local market research because they too were unable to travel during Covid.  


I would highly recommend Louise and Inhouse creative agency, and will continue to work with them.

Tamsin Artus - Smith
Head of Creative Design Europe


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